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Monday, January 19, 2015

Blackwork Band Sampler Finish

My Foothills EGA Chapter started this Petite Project for our January and March meetings. I really ran with it and finished it last night (started it Thursday). It is a little under 3 inches wide and just under 9 inches long using 28 count linen. So not a big project which is GREAT sometimes.

I wanted to work from stash and the only #12 perle I had that would show up on the white fabric was black. Which is ok and the traditional colors, but when I found out I could use DMC Broder 16, I found some more inspiring choices in my stash (blue #820 & red #312). Woo hoo, I love when that happens!

I give you my version of the EGA Petite Project, Blackwork Band Sampler designed by Julie Fera. The availability of Petite Projects is just one of the benefits of being an Embroiderers Guild of America, Inc.(EGA) member. In this case, this project was a gift from the Chapter to it's members, usually they cost $3.00 (at least last time I checked) but are generally well worth it! Also many can be saved as a .pdf file at no cost. BUT, Petite Projects are a member only benefit.

Here is the front.

Black work is done using a double running stitch such that the back (below) looks like the front. In this case the only exception are the letters (and any goofs on my part). I think I did pretty good with the reverse, if I may say so!! Generally I do not worry or bother about it being reversible if the back will not show and it does not affect the front, but his time I did it all in double running stitch! It was good practice.

It was a VERY fun project. I worked from the top using the master chart and found a few small errors, the only one I did not notice in time was that the instructions say 5 threads between bands 1 & 2, but there was only 4 on the master. I just left it that way and made sure I did the same for the last two bands (also 4 on the master, but 5 on the instructions). Since it looks fine, I am not going to worry about it!! Now I just need to decide how to finish finish it, but I have a few ideas.

Happy Stitching All!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Caps for Preemies

Since I was a preemie myself, I like to crochet some little caps once in a while for the little ones in the hospital. The outreach program of my Foothills Chapter of EGA is able to place them. I made these recently and thought I would share with you all!

They are all various sizes as I was testing out the size hook to use. The top center is more the size for a full term baby, the others are smaller.

Also today is the 91st anniversary of my mom's birth. She taught me to crochet, so this post is perfect for January 8!!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What I Have Been Up Too

My first love will always be needlework, but I very much enjoy paper crafting. With it I do not have to follow a pattern and can let my creativity come out. I choose the colors and shapes and decide if I should add various embellishments. Should I add a ribbon or maybe a flower? What about embossing part of it? I can "play" with what I can alter - comp books, photo albums, candy bars, microwave popcorn and what ever else pops into my head. Fun, Fun, Fun in my book.

Many years ago I started a small business to sell craft at consignment shops. We moved and I changed to designing cross stitch for children and from photos for folks. We moved again and I dropped it all.

Recently I started it back up, but focusing on Paper Crafting, but because I do other stuff as well, my tag line is "Paper Crafting and More" and I sell under the name Orange Blossom Dreams because early on I thought about doing wedding stuff and Orange Blossoms fit.

I have a website which is primarily a blog. My recent post there shows you a little of what I do and alerting anyone in the area about a show I will be at on Nov. 22.

I was at a show this past weekend and getting ready for it kept me a little busy the last few weeks, but I have also been stitching on the other canvas class I took at seminar and it is moving along nicely as you can see here:

SEDONA Cathedral Rock
Designed by Lois Kershner (c) 2012
Class taken at the 2014 EGA National Seminar in Phoenix, AZ

I need to put some finishing touches on the water, add a rock in the lower left corner and then start the sky! It is a fun piece to work on. Finished size is 5''x 5.5"

I think that fills you in on what has been going on in my world!

Happy Stitching!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Christmas Finish Finish!!

This is the 2013 Sampler Guild of the Rockies fundraiser. I stitched it this year, so changed the date and added my initials under NOEL on the back, otherwise it is stitched as charted and kitted. She also suggested twisted cording for the edges, but I decided to go this simpler route.

I make an ornament (or some other Christmas decoration) each year and this will be ours for 2014!

Sampler Guild of the Rockies Christmas Ornament 2013. 
Designed by for the Sampler Guild of the Rockies by Catherine C. Theron.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Death By Candy Corn

In my last post I asked for comments to help me pick out fabric to use on a piece, and here is the result:

Off it will go tomorrow with a package of candy corn and it will be a surprise, out of the blue gift for my mother in law.

Happy Day All!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Autumn Stitching

I have been having computer problems and so not posting much. But have it a tad figured out, so hope to post more often.

For my birthday this month, I took the day off and had lunch with a friend. An annual tradition I started a few years back. This year not as many friends could make it, but I had a wonderful time chatting with Gloria, by stitching friend who could make it. I think I need to send my invite sooner next year.

At any rate, after lunch I ALWAYS visit my LNS since they have a birthday discount. Anytime is a great time to go to Fanci Mats and More, but birthday is a must.

I bought this cute chart - September Rooster by Nikyscreations (c). Part of the Monthly Animal Series. Not sure of the year. It was perfect since I collect roosters and Sept. is my birth month!! I stitched from stash, so the beak, legs, and flower color had to be changed. The color suggested was too light a color for my stash fabric. I chose a darker version of the color family. The rooster color was too close to the fabric, but since it was surrounded by darker floss it did not matter. I added my initials and date and finished it a couple nights ago. Woo hoo same month finish!

I also have been working on this cute Halloween piece for my mother in law. She loves candy corn and does not have a computer, so I am safe showing it here. I did not stitch it exactly as charted. The section on the top also goes along the bottom, but I wanted to get finished in time to send off in the mail so she can show it off during October. YIPES, that is TOMORROW!

I used fabric from my stash, so it is not quite the color or size suggested by the designer, but the floss colors are the same. It is called Death By Candy Corn by The Scarlett House (c)2011.

So.... I decided to sew a strip of fabric below the stitching, but can't decide which one to use, so I am asking you.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Flower in its Pot on a Tiny Sampler

Here is my finish of the April and May Foothills EGA project. I used threads from my stash and used my favorite color, peach, for the flowers.

This was a fun Gay Ann Rogers Project called "A Flower in its Pot on a Tiny Sampler" stitched on a 6" by 11" piece of white congress cloth. It calls for various Soie d' Alger silks, but I used this and other silks and cotton from my stash to complete. If you visit the Foothills EGA Website's Past Programs page you will see the project in blue, lavender or pink flowers. The supplies listed in the instructions are for the pink version.

I LOVE Gay Ann's designs and her instructions are fantastic. Check out her website for other designs, I think you will be pleased. This project is on her page under the "For Groups" section.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sampler Guild of Rockies Meeting Report

Yesterday was the Sampler Guild of The Rockies last meeting for the year. We meet on the second Sunday of the month Sept to May from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Since the second Sunday in May is Mother's Day, we meet on Saturday in May. This is also the time we celebrate the Guild's Birthday and have a Pin Cushion Exchange.

Here is the pin cushion I made. It is from The Prairie Schooler Book No. 115, Pins and Needles (c) 2004. I changed the head of the pins by using beads.

I made this label for the gift bag.... is the card I made to go with it. 
Inside I wrote the design information for the recipient and signed my name.

In return I received a lovely Flowers pin cushion (a Lizzie and Kate design) stitched by Nancy P. Didn't she do a great job? I just love it, especially the ribbon edging!!

 She also included this cute little potted flowering plant. It fits right in with my other house plants!

We also had a very fun make and take and most folks were able to finish it during the meeting, me included. 

This button scissor fob, was very fun to and not too difficult. It is based on a necklace the lady who taught us this made and everyone admired. 

As always, everyone received a birthday gift in honor of the Guild's birthday!

 by In the Company of Friends.

I think that is the report for now. 

Happy Stitching!!!!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Sampler Guild of the Rockies

I love my Sampler Guild of The Rockies. Such great ladies, fun projects and tasty food. This month we meet on Saturday, May 10 because our usual Sunday date is Mother's Day. It is also the last meeting until September, so lots of fun things happen at the May meeting.

We usually have a birthday celebration of some sort for the Guild and also a stitched pin cushion exchange. I forgot about the exchange and started late.......

But I have made good progress since this photo was taken a day or tow ago, but so as not to spoil the surprise I will only post this photo for now. I will provide the finished photo and a photo of the one I get as an exchange after the meeting!